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Sumayya "Fire"



Whether you pursue the road less traveled or see the cup half full, life has more twists, turns, and detours than you could ever imagine. When you write your vision, no matter what happens stay on track and find a way to embrace and enjoy the journey while you accomplish your goals. That’s basically what Sumayya "Fire" Coleman has been doing in her personal life and professionally with non-profit organizations for over

thirty years. 


Her platform is built upon a reputation as a peaceful warrior, compassionate advocate, effective grassroots organizer, knowledgeable educator, and sought-after speaker. She is passionately driven to speak on gender violence, strategic approaches to healing racism and oppression, and cultivating wellness for Black women, particularly. 

Sumayya Fire received several awards for her authentic bold advocacy, no-nonsense spirit and wisdom shared with many organizations, groups, and individuals to serve, strengthen, and make families and communities safer.  


She genuinely loves and is known for mentoring and coaching 100s of advocates inter-generationally across the nation to develop social justice organizations, projects, programs, and ministry with culturally relevant approaches in their own communities, and on their own terms to create a more just world.


Sumayya Fire is the Lead Consultant, Organizer, and Movement Builder at Share Time Wisely Consulting Services and collaborates with independent expert consultants nationally to meet client's varying needs. Our job is to help you write and implement your vision through a lens of social justice and equity with concrete, measurable, and sustainable outcomes. 


Our world is changing. We want to support you in making and being the change you want to see.  

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